Kailua couple’s adoption saga goes from sadness to joy

Kailua couple’s adoption saga goes from sadness to joy
Maclain a.k.a. Mac
Maclain a.k.a. Mac

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Dieter Giblin and his wife, Lisa Bartholomew, just brought home a baby boy. Their adopted son is the rewarding close to a long and trying trail.

"Now that we have him in our own environment, and our friends and family are supporting us, it feels like parenting," Bartholomew said.

It felt like the end of the world one year ago. The Kailua couple was so close to adopting a baby girl named Ekatarina from Russia. Their dream died suddenly when Russian President Vladimir Putin barred Americans from adopting Russian orphans.

"You can't count it as somebody died, but yet it's that same sort of feeling," Giblin said.

"There's really no accepted form of grief for that type of situation," Bartholomew said.

Like many other American families, they turned to the Ukraine. Based on a photograph and a short biography they chose their son.

"He's very responsive and he laughs a lot. He just makes you want to take care of him because he just wants love," Bartholomew said.

Their new baby is nine months old. Their family has grown by one.

"I have an older daughter, so it's a little harder to get off the floor than it was 14 years ago. But it's well worth it," Giblin said.

Opinions vary on why Russia still forbids American's from adopting Russian children. UNICEF said hundreds of thousands of orphans are caught in the middle.

Bartholomew keeps a photograph of Ekaterina. It's hard for her to break the tie.

"I still have it because it's a part of our lives," she said.

The couple named their new son Maclain. They call him Mac. In their eyes, he's a miracle.

"For him to have an opportunity with us that he may not have had living in the Ukraine, that's the most important thing for us," Giblin said.

Twelve months ago they were hurting. What a difference a year makes.

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