Severe thunderstorm blows roof off Hilo home

Severe thunderstorm blows roof off Hilo home

HILO, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - Wild winds that hit Hilo on Monday pried the corrugated steel roof right off a Hoopuni Street home and tossed it into the streets and three houses away.

Neighbor Helen Clarin saw it happen. She says, "I see the big kind wind and then I see something flying in the air."

For the family who rented the house that now has a huge hole in the roof, picking up the pieces will be hard. "They're renters, renting the house" explained neighbor Raymond Kawamoto. "I don't know. They were surprised just like us. I was kind of hey, it doesn't happen in Hawaii, but it did."

We're told the family just canceled their renter's insurance days before strong gusts ripped the 30 by 30 rooftop section from over their heads. The winds also blew the roof off of Helen Clarin's shed one street away. In her words, "Some roof fly to my neighbor and some stay on the ground."

While blown roofs in Hilo are rare, flooding is common. Troy Haspe's mopping up his house after a second flooding episode. Heavy rains overwhelmed the canal over his property,clogged with vegetation and debris.

Haspe says, "It plugged up. The water has nowhere to go. Comes down highway along my fence. As it got worse, it came through my property last night. County public works crews brought sandbags. Helped a little to dam it up, but you can't stop that kind of stuff."

Not when there's so much rain so fast. Hilo got hammered. Along East Kawailani street, uprooted trees lined the route, and instant ponds popped up.

The Hilo Bayfront field, got swamped too as a result of record rainfall the past 24 hours.

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