Surf's falling but Rocky Point residents are still on edge

Surf's falling but Rocky Point residents are still on edge

SUNSET BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kenneth and Krystle Dombrowski spent the weekend filling sand bags to protect their Sunset Beach home. But building a barricade turned out to be little more than a band aid. The ocean washed away many of the bags. so the couple dismantled a large section of their home at Rocky Point.

"We've had to basically cut our decks off so they won't float into the water. Our hot tub, we pulled it up," Krystle Dombrowski aid.

The couple used to have a backyard but now it's gone. The story is the same for a number of their neighbors.

"At least every day there's at least one more home on each side that's losing sand. Homes are exposed. It's all dropping," Ted Deininger said.

The damage is especially severe because the swells came in from the Northwest. It seemed like every wave stripped the beach.

"It's just eating away at our land every night," Dombrowski said.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources continues to warn people away from the area because of floating debris. On Monday a worker from the city's Department of Planning and Permitting talked to people about the possibility of expediting permits so homeowners can repair and rebuild.

"People are shoring things up, putting down sandbags, anything they can do just to save homes," Deininger said.

"Are we going to be able to save our homes? Most of our homes are in danger. They're literally hanging," Dombrowski said.

Wave heights are falling, but that's little relief. Another swell could roll in before the weekend. Erosion experts warn that if nature doesn't replenish a substantial amount of sand between now and then, the next round of waves could claim more of the shoreline.

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