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Airport Hwy. in Swanton in need of makeover, says ODOT

SWANTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Ohio Department of Transportation has deemed Airport Hwy. in Swanton an area at high risk for accidents.

Recently, they reached out to the village to see if they could possibly fix it.

Some of the ideas they are working on with the village, include repaving the road from Main to Turtle Creek, installing a new traffic signal at Hallett Avenue, making a side walk on the north side of the road and installing a middle turn lane in front of the McDonalds and Speedway.

The owner of "The Station Wings" in Swanton, Steve Bubulya, says he often sees accidents in the area.

"Near where Speedway and Wendy's are, where the lanes come together, there are quite a few accidents. Being that I work here every day, I see it throughout the week, at least once or twice a week," said Mr. Bubulya.

Customers in Mr. Bubulya's restaurant also agreed that that section of Airport Hwy. can be dangerous, so dangerous, in fact, that they are willing to avoid making certain turns.

"I usually make a right, go all the way down to 64th, and use that light to make my turn to come around just across the highway. I am not the only one that does that," said Swanton resident John Bahus.

Even though the plans are all preliminary, the work is something Mr. Bubulya would like to see happen.

"If they can beautify the area, and make it look a little nicer, that's always good. The road will be a lot smoother and paved," said Mr. Bubulya.

ODOT officials say they will apply for grant money for the project next month, and take their plans from there.

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