EXCLUSIVE: Complaints dog Pearl City cemetery

EXCLUSIVE: Complaints dog Pearl City cemetery

For Trina Verdadero, it's a field of heartbreak.

Parts of the Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in Pearl City are so overrun with weeds that relatives can't find their loved ones.

And cemetery's mausoleum roof is gone, exposing burial chambers to the elements.

"To actually have to rest in this mess is ridiculous. And these people don't do anything about it," Verdadero said.

Verdadero said her aunt from California tried to pay her respects to her grandfather on Christmas day but had a hard time finding his grave.

Jeri Delapene has a similar problems finding her loved ones. The Waialua resident used garden shears while her relatives pulled weeds just to find the gravestones of her father-in-law and mother-in-law.

"(I'm) kinda upset that they're not maintaining it like they're supposed to. You know ... to make it easier for us to find the grave," she said.

Hawaii News Now first reported on the cemetery's problems two years ago and its manager promised to make fixes back then. But Verdadero and Delapene said the problems have only gotten worse.

Consumer watchdogs are also well aware of this cemetery's history of consumer complaints.

"Currently with the Better Business Bureau, this business has an "F" rating," said Gregory Dunn, the Hawaii BBB's CEO.

"We understand that this company is not in good standing with the state of Hawaii as well."

A check of state records shows that the company's business registration has expired several years ago.

Hawaii News Now tried to reach out to the company but no one has responded.

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