9-yr. old boy fires up the fans at the Hawaii Bowl, but not about the game

9-yr. old boy fires up the fans at the Hawaii Bowl, but not about the game

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - 9-year old Justin Aizawa was just happy to be at the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl Tuesday.

He was thrilled when he recovered a football in the stands after the Boise State kicker missed an extra point.

But the elation didn't last long, as he was ordered to throw the ball back to stadium staff.

Fans started booing.

Then chanting, "Let him keep it, (clap... clap... clap, clap, clap)"

Just as Justin was about to return the ball, a fan grabbed it, saying he was hiding it from approaching security.

The fan then threw the ball deeper into the stands.

Another fan, then drop-kicked it to another section.

It grew in to an amusing game of 'keep away' that had stadium employees walking through the stadium in pursuit of the football, from the Diamond Head end zone to the Ewa end zone.

The drama was so captivating, people stopped watching the game between Boise State and Oregon State.  Even the ESPN national broadcast turned to the stands.

Eventually the ball ended up back where it belongs but that wasn't the end for Justin.

Radio personality, Billy V, called the 9-year old Liholiho Elementary School student down to the field, gave him an 'All Access' media pass and escorted him to the trophy table.  Executive Director of the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Dave Matlin then gave Justin a game ball and souvenir ball.

"It was amazing," says Justin, still wearing the credential and holding the footballs as we interviewed him the next day.

"He said he'll always remember, Christmas Eve, 2013," says his mother, Kuni Aizawa, who was with Justin at the game.

Justin hopes his mother will take him to the Sheraton Hawai'i Bowl next year too. But he understands that he probably won't be getting the same kind of attention.

By the way, the Beavers beat the Broncos 38 - 23.

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