EXCLUSIVE: Big illegal dump site found in Aiea

EXCLUSIVE: Big illegal dump site found in Aiea

Several Aiea residents have been complaining for months about an illegal dump site in their community but have gotten little help from the state and city to clean it up.

Hundreds of pounds of trash, including an empty, 55-gallon drum labeled "formaldehyde" litter a section of the Aiea stream near the former Hawaii Sugar Planters Association building.

"It's like a horror movie," said Aiea resident Tina Quizon.

"You're finding a 55-gallon drum of formaldehyde and you don't know why or where it came from."

Quizon and another Aiea resident Richard Gallarde gave Hawaii News Now a tour of the dump. It's located off of Halewiliko Street and is just a few hundred yards from Aiea Intermediate School.

The dump contained old office equipment, furniture, electrical appliances and household goods such as a sewing machine and washing machine parts.

We also saw an empty medicine container and a surgical glove.

"The big concern is the kids, the intermediate school is right here so there's a big concern for the health and safety of the kids," said Quizon.

Gallarde said he's worried that the trash will wash downstream.

"The next heavy rains would force all of this down to Pearl Harbor and the lower areas of Aiea," he said.

Residents said they don't know who is dumping the trash but noted that the rubbish pile is getting bigger.

"Some of the kids say they've seen trucks pull up and toss things over," Quizon said.

Quizon said she's complained for months to the state and the city about the illegal dumping but nothing has been done. City and state officials could not be reached.

"The more I try to get to make an effort to get someone whether state or city to do something, the more trash has accumulated," she said.

Gallarde said he wants to organize a community clean-up effort but needs help from authorities to clear overgrowth and look for potential toxins.

"It kind of hurts the community. You really don't expect it in the Aiea area," Gallarde said.

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