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CT woman hit by Target data breach

Erica Eakin Erica Eakin

One Connecticut woman said she fell victim to that massive Target data breach.

"I'm terrified," said Erica Eakin. "I did go shopping with my mom and she was putting in her pin. I'm covering it up because you just never know."

She was one of 40 million people across the nation whose debit and credit card information was compromised.

Eakin, who just got engaged to her high school sweetheart, was wrapping up final exams at Eastern Connecticut State University when she went online to check her bank account.

"I saw six transactions that were not mine at all, at a Target in Harrisburg," Eakin said. "And I'm not in Harrisburg."

The future bride and broke college student discovered the account she barely used was all, but drained. 

"The reason I was checking my statement was so I could start my Christmas shopping for him," Eakin said. "And I couldn't do that with the amount in there, so that was really devastating."

Eakin said $1,200 had disappeared on Dec. 13 with $200 deleted half a dozen times.

"I was very freaked out," Eakin said. "I wasn't sure if this was a misunderstanding or if someone had my card or how this could've happened, especially checking to see the card was in my possession."

Eakin said she called her bank immediately to cancel the card and try to get her money back. It turns out, on Black Friday, Eakin had swiped it at a Target in Waterford.

"When I did call the bank, they were telling me they had dealt with this so much since," Eakin said. "So, the Target thing boomed, and seeing it on the news. It's so incredible. I'm a part of it."

On Thursday, Eakin said she got her money back, but she admits she's hesitant to shop at the second largest retail giant again.

She said she is wondering why nobody noticed the red flags.

"I've worked in retail," Eakin said. "If someone purchased six cards and as the person at the bank told me, they went for a seventh and were denied because I didn't have enough, wouldn't it have been suspicious?"

Target said in a statement they're hearing very few reports of actual fraud, but they promise no customer whose been victimized will be held financially responsible. And they've already notified all credit networks of potentially impacted customers.

In addition Target announced they will be extending the employee discount of 10% to all customers on December 21 and 22.

Target officials also told Eyewitness News, so far, pin numbers haven't been impacted, which means someone can't just go to an ATM with a stolen card and take out cash. Finally, they don't' believe Social Security numbers or birth dates were included in this breach.

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