Prosecutors say suspect confessed to two Honolulu sex assaults

Asofitu Fio
Asofitu Fio

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Prosecutors say accused serial rapist Asofitu Fio has confessed to two violent sexual attacks in Honolulu.

A grand jury today indicted the 30-year-old for those two attacks and one other stretching back to May of this year.

He's accused of punching and choking his victims, while threatening to kill them if they called police.

Fio was taken into custody Friday night.

According to HPD, Fio was picked up during surveillance in the Kaheka area.

"It involved more than 60 officers and over 1,000 staffing hours. Officers from patrol, the criminal investigation division and other investigative units canvassed neighborhoods, checked databases, re-interviewed witnesses, reviewed old reports for similarities and ran surveillance operations," described Police Chief Louis Kealoha.

According to police, Fio was approached by officers because he matched the description and composite sketches provided by witnesses.

"We were able to obtain a DNA sample from him and that was a match to DNA recovered from the crime scene," explained Maj. Robinson, referring to a December 1 sexual assault, in which Fio is accused of forcing his way into a woman's Cedar Street apartment in the middle of the day.

Fio's bail remains at $1 million.

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