Crash survivor: Plane lost power, then glided

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - A 70-year-old man who swam to shore after a small plane crashed off the Hawaiian island of Molokai says the plane lost power after a muffled bang, then glided into the ocean on its belly without anyone showing signs of major injury when it hit the water.

C. Phillip Hollstein said Friday that something sounded like it broke soon after the plane took off Wednesday afternoon.

Hollstein says the pilot did a great job maneuvering a water landing. He says the nine people aboard calmly put on life jackets and bobbed in the water.

Hollstein says he took off swimming when he believed everyone else was OK.

He says State Health Director Loretta Fuddy did not seem distressed or hurt during the crash and water evacuation. She later died.

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