Kapolei Coqui Frog caught

Kapolei Coqui Frog caught

The search for the elusive Coqui Frog of the Kapolei Home Depot has come to an end.

State Agriculture Department inspectors said the invasive pest was caught and killed by a customer on Saturday.

"The associate from Home Depot came up to me and told me someone has capture the frog. He actually squished it," said Keevin Minami, land vertebrate specialist from the Department of Agriculture.

Minami said he was able to confirm the account after seeing a photo of the dead frog sent by the customer.

The search began last week after a number of customers reported hearing the distinct Coqui Frog whistle in the hardware store's nursery section. One of those customers, Joy Telles, recorded the sound on her cell phone on Saturday.

"I heard something like a Coqui Frog--but I was like...uhhhh, it couldn't be," she said.

The AG Department says it will leave it up to Home Depot to continue monitoring the area for additional whistling sounds, which are made by males calling out to females.

According to the state, it's the females that cause the most damage.

"A female can have like 20 clutches in a year, with like 30 eggs a clutch and you say half of them are male. You do the math, you could have a potentially large number and nothing eats them," said Jonathan Ho of the Department of Agriculture.

This is not the first time AG inspectors were called to the Kapolei Home Depot. About a year ago, they discovered a male Coqui Frog and captured it.

The state said that the number of Coqui Frog cases are down this year to 50 from about 100 last year.

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