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Westlake bus drivers get booted to save district money


Westlake City Schools bus drivers will be out of a job next February and that means parents whose kids depend on the bus to get to school will have to find another way.

"For the past year we have given up our raises in lieu of laying off drivers, " says bus driver Dee Faragher.

It's part of the first wave of cuts for Westlake Schools.  More than a dozen bus drivers were told to hit the road, in order to save the district money.

"Total this time, it looks like there are going to be 16 to 20 drivers . We'll see, once the routes get re-bid and we can get out and consolidate as much as possible," says Westlake Schools Superintendent Dan Keenan.

"When your child is on our bus, they are our responsibility and we make sure they stay safe," says bus driver, of seven years, Marge Laskowski.

Several bus drivers pleaded with school board officials to keep their jobs Monday night during a meeting.
But, the superintendent says because last months school levy failed he has no choice but to cut the drivers.

Doing away with busing will save the district up to $325,000.

That's just the beginning.  More than 35 positions in the district including teachers, several custodians and other administrative positions could be gone as well, in order to save more than $2,500,000.

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