Coqui frog found in Kapolei Home Depot

Kapolei Coqui Frog caught

KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kapolei resident Joy Telles knows the sound of a coqui frog all too well.

"It sounds like someone setting off their car alarm, or locking their door".

However, she doubted herself after she heard one recently. The reason was because of her location. She was shopping in the garden section at Home Depot in Kapolei over the weekend.

"Sure enough, my oldest son and I stood there and we listened for a little while and we heard it".

Telles made sure store management knew of the frog or frogs. They in turn reported the situation to the Department of Agriculture.

They now hope to capture the frog or frogs. The danger is that the frogs could be resting on a plant that is purchased and brought to someone's home.

"A female can have 20 clutches in a year, with 30 eggs a clutch. Say half of them are male---you do the math, you could have a potentially large number" said Jonathan Ho, who works for the department.

Coqui frogs are an invasive species that infest an area. They can wipe out insect populations, which can decimate native plant species as well.

Their ecological impact can upset nature's balance. Their tell-tale whistle is also upsetting.

"For some it's soothing but for me it's deafening, and if that were to take over Kapolei where I live I don't think I'd be able to sleep" Telles noted.

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