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Restaurant gives Clevelanders a second chance at success

A brand new barbecue restaurant just opened on Cleveland's east side, but there's a big twist...

The owner hires the homeless and those in need of a second chance.

The BBQ is hot! The wings are ready to fry on the very first day the door is open for business at "The Flame," house of BBQ on Coit in Cleveland.

The tasty place where the secret is in the sauce also happens to have a lot of soul. Cassandra Blackman and her fiancé, Bonnie Wright love good food, and they have big hearts.

"I was laying in bed one day, and I said it would be a great opportunity to give people a second chance," said Cassandra Blackman of "The Flame".

"We used to go down and feed the homeless," added Bonnie Wright of  "The Flame".

Now they are giving the homeless jobs too. Curtis Sparks - a father who has been homeless for a year - got an early Christmas gift with a cooking job here.

"It's hard to get a job if you have a felony or something like that. It's really hard," said Curtis Sparks.

Theresa Thurmond was down on her luck, too.

"Right now I'm not working. I just needed a job - some personal things are going on, so I'm here to help Cassandra as well as help myself out," said Theresa Thurmond.

With good food and good intentions things are off to a busy start. It's a new beginning for everyone involved - even the owners.

"We do like to help people who are less fortunate because we were less fortunate ourselves," said Cassandra.

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