Exclusive: Makaha family forced to watch as dog is beaten to death

Exclusive: Makaha family forced to watch as dog is beaten to death

MAKAHA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Trinita Kapuaala was nursing her newborn baby Saturday morning when she heard the family dog, Orion, barking outside.

Still holding the child, she peeked out the window and says she saw the neighbor grab a wooden baseball bat and start hitting the 4-year old American Bulldog.

"At least a good amount, 30 times," says Kapuaala, who ran to get her boyfriend.

"All I could see was the guy swinging at (the dog's) head," says Anthony Hughes.

Hughes and the neighbor have had an ongoing dispute.  They each have restraining orders against each other.  Because the RO limits communication, Hughes couldn't go onto the neighbor's property to stop the attack, he couldn't even yell at the man.  All he could do, was watch.

The family admits, Orion did get about a foot over the neighbor's fence, but he was still on a leash, which is attached to an overhead cable.

Orion died, just inside the neighbor's yard.  You can see from the picture, the leash is still around the dead dog's neck.

Honolulu Police did respond to the Makaha home.  Kapuaala says the officer told them that the neighbor called the beating self defense.

"I get why he got the bat," says Kapuaala, "it's a strange dog in his yard."

But, she says the man didn't have to actually use it, "He was still on his leash!"

The family has buried Orion in the backyard.  They are hoping police will file animal cruelty charges against the man.

Hawaii News Now did try to contact the neighbor, but he was not home when we were there.

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