Local Connection: University of Hawaii Football

Local Connection: University of Hawaii Football

By: Rick Blangiardi

The University of Hawaii 2013 football schedule is now completed…the games have all been played.  Admittedly, a season full of raw emotions for the fans, the team and the coaches especially.

This past weekend, the rainbow warriors avoided a winless season with a high scoring win over a very competitive, disciplined and worthy opponent.  Beating army was a quality win, and well deserved for a team that has endured more than their fair share of difficulties, and challenges this past football season.  No doubt, members of the Rainbow Warrior Football team learned many lessons this past season about overcoming adversity and what it takes to compete and win at the division one level.

But the unexpected and very tragic death of their teammate, Willis Wilson, was one lesson no one needed to learn.  His death no doubt added a profound and sobering reality regarding the pain and sorrow felt from untimely death of a friend and teammate.

"Our deepest condolences to the Wilson family."

The emotion of the team during this past Saturday's win over army, and some of the post-game quotes offered by the players regarding the loss of their teammate provides us a special insight as to the kind of love and respect these guys have for each other.

The players and coaches know firsthand what it was like to fight through a season like this past one.  A very difficult, but tremendous learning experience.  The lessons did not come easy, but you learn a lot about yourself that only this kind of challenge can teach you.

Football is a very tough game to play - it demands much in the way of commitment and personal sacrifice - it can prepare you well in what happens off the field in the game of life.

You can count wins and losses, but you really can't measure all that has been learned and gained by these young men this past season.

So we look to the future - here's to the 2014 football season - go Bows!

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