Dairy farm coming to Kauai

Dairy farm coming to Kauai

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Ulupono Initiative has announced a $17.5 million investment into the creation of Hawaii Dairy Farms on Kauai.

"We think this will transform the dairy system in the state" said Kyle Datta of the Ulupono Initiative.

"We will be actually doubling the local milk supply.  We'll be adding just under 4 million gallons of milk to the local milk supply by the time the dairy reaches steady state" he continued.

The milk will be produced by 1800 cows that are of New Zealand genetics.  The cows, as Datta describes, are "smaller, leaner brown cows that produce more cream per unit of milk".

Their diet is just as important to the process as they are.  The cows will eat grass, not grain.  Thus, the process of milk production will be far more sustainable, and cost effective, "because it reduces reliance on imported grains which are of course highly volatile" said Datta.

Datta says the efficiencies in the process will keep the cost low, and that could affect the local market prices as well.

"What our company can do, with our partnership is to provide large volume, low cost, very healthy local milk supply which we believe will lead to greater affordability for everybody".

While the consumer may only notice low-cost milk, those at the Ulupono Initiative see innovation.

"We try to make investments that we believe are meaningful and transformative to the local food systems to really bring sustainably produced, affordable local food to everyone".

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