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Is 'Black Friday' losing its luster?

There were parking spots close to the front door of the Toys R Us in Pearlridge.

There wasn't a stampede to snatch limited, 'door buster' deals when the store opened. 

And the aisles had room for shoppers to maneuver through.  

What happened to Black Friday? 

It seems Thanksgiving is replacing the day after as the best day for bargains.

"There's room to shop!" says Jessie Bonachita as she stands in line at the Toys R Us.  She shopped on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday and says it was much calmer Friday.

"We had Thanksgiving (dinner) at my sister's, and then ten of us went to go shopping," says Bonachita.

Shopping on Thursday seems to be part of a new Thanksgiving tradition for families in search of deep discounts.

"It was worth it, we got really good deals, saved a couple hundred dollars," brags Bonachita.

"I got shoes on sale, sweaters," says Shawnie Bacnis as she pulls out the items she bought at Pearlridge Center.

Both women went shopping on both days and both agree, Thursday is better for bargain hunters.

"I was shocked," says Fred Paine, the General Manager of Pearlridge Center.

"(Stores) reporting double digits over last year," says Paine.

Black Friday is often associated with aggressive shoppers who wait in line for days, rush the doors when they open, and snatch deals... even from the hands of other shoppers.  It's known as being the busiest day of the holiday season, the day retailers can get back 'in the black'.

The extra day will help spread the profits and spread out the pain for shoppers.

"There was (once) all this pent up energy that people have to get it done (on Black Friday) or else," says Paine, "Now it's over a longer period of time so it's more relaxed and that helps."

Paine thinks Thanksgiving Thursday could also impact Cyber Monday.  He says, if the prices match,  buyers prefer having the items 'in hand' instead of waiting.

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