Suspicious Big Island fires 100% contained

Suspicious Big Island fires 100% contained
Image source: Derek Domingo
Image source: Derek Domingo

NORTH KONA, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - State Fire Management Officer Wayne Ching delivered both good and bad news Wednesday.

The good news was that fire crews on the Big Island had 100% containment of three separate brush fires which were burning in the Pu'u Anahulu game management area near Waikoloa.

The bad news is that investigators believe they were intentionally set.

"The reason is because it's very close to each other and it started after the other, maybe 5-10 minutes after the other one started" he explained.

While it is easy for investigators to detect the traits of an intentionally set fire, finding out how it started and who started it is a far more difficult task.

"Because it's a hot start, and a hot start is where the person would start it with a match without leaving a device behind. So we would have a really tough time finding a device if there was one" he continued.

Without much else to go on, Ching said investigators are reliant upon the public's help to catch the person or people responsible.

"We'd like the public to understand if they see anything suspicious, they should call 9-1-1".

The three fires burned a total of almost 670 acres. The largest burned approximately 588 acres.

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