Real Estate of Mind - Maintaining Value in your Home

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Keeping up with repairs in your home is an important part of protecting the value of your investment. Nancy Metcalf, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties shared her insight on today's Real Estate of Mind. Check out video of her interview this morning and her bullet points below.

Why is it important to stay on top of repairs?

Your house is your home but for most of us it's also the most expensive investment you'll have.  It's important to keep up on repairs and upgrades to protect that investment and maximize its potential.  You may think you aren't ever going to move but it can happen and does.  Keeping up on repairs can save you money in the long run and reduce your expenses if and when you decide to move up / move down or just move.

Which repairs / Upgrades have the most shelf life:  I think it's important that owners really make improvements that they themselves can get pleasure in but traditionally kitchen and bathroom upgrades and repairs have had the most potential value overtime. Other less glamorous improvements like roofs can also be important down the line.

What repairs/upgrades are considered important? What REALLY matters if I resell my home?  Home owners should always prioritizeRoof leaks, leaky faucets, termites, faulty electrical – anything that could cause serious long term damage should definitely be addressed firstThese are things that can have serious impact on a resale.

Do repairs/upgrades I made in the past matter? 

Definitely.  Bottom line is EVERYTHING matters.  Start keeping track now.  Create a log book, save receipts for your taxes or as proof these items were completed.  The more information you proved an agent the better we can assist in a resale process.

Nancy has a listing at 4463 Aukai Avenue, Honolulu