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Chase Lum
Chase Lum

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Weather Forecast:

Some improvement today: no high clouds. But still plenty of volcanic haze across the state. Winds are light and variable with a general southeasterly flow.

Fuzzy sunshine will prevail most of the day with clouds forming over the interior and leeward neighborhoods this afternoon. Not much shower activity expected. High in Honolulu will be 83 degrees.

Top Stories:

Honolulu Police are still looking for their suspect after a 32-year-old woman was shot in Waikiki. Ramsay has details, coming up.

Tannya Joaquin reports live from Washington D.C. President Obama is going to honor the late Senator Daniel Inouye with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

A Big Island team made it to the Pop Warner Super Bowl. But the kids can't go because someone stole their money.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford went on the Today Show and spoke to Matt Lauer about his problems. He says his drug use isn't the big problem. Find out what he had to say on Sunrise.

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