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Local couple flies to the Philippines with much-needed supplies

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Relief efforts are still underway, around the clock in the Philippines and more people are trying to do what they can to help. Joseph and Mariel Edhlund are veterinarians in Hawaii Kai but for the next 10 days they'll be focusing on helping people in the Philippines.

These aren't your standard 50 pound suitcases and they aren't filled with vacation gear. They're stuffed so full they had to be taped.

"We have syringes, flashlights. This is surgical supplies," said Joseph Edhlund. "Here's a filter. Water filtration."

Joseph and his wife Mariel Edhlund are doctors at the Gentle Vet in Hawaii Kai and their kind compassion is taking them to the Philippines.

"I think we can make more of an impact in a smaller area rather than going and getting in the way of the US Marines and the Japanese Marines and everybody else," said Joseph Edhlund.

He is also a pilot and has a friend with a few planes in Manila. They plan to go to remote hit areas.

"You know if you are trying to pick up every last piece and every vestige of your life has been destroyed, you're not worried about that cut on your leg. But that cut on your leg can kill you," said Edhlund.

He's helped in four other Pacific disasters. This is him delivering supplies after Typhoon Lupit in Indonesia. And in Haiyan's case he didn't have to fly far to find appreciation. Even those helping with his bags have family impacted in the Philippines.

"It's worthwhile. It's helping people out in this type of situation," said Edhlund.

A lot of the supplies are donated, but this trip he's expecting to put in $5,000 of his own money. He says he's been fortunate in life and is just passing it on.

"I knew I could do some good and for me not to when I could is just wrong," said Edhlund.

This first trip is a delivery and scouting mission for the Edhlunds. They'll go back a second time in just a few weeks with more supplies and requested items for the people they meet.

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