Local Connection: Same-sex marriage vote

Local Connection: Same-sex marriage vote

By: Rick Blangiardi

There is just one more step before the legislature makes the inevitable decision to approve same-sex marriage in Hawaii.

It has been an extraordinary few weeks in the state after nearly 60 hours of public testimony, much of it from the faith-based community opposing Senate Bill 1.

Some accommodations have been made for religious exemptions but that has not stopped hundreds of people from protesting at the capitol for hours on end, asking for a public vote on the matter.

Many of those who oppose same-sex marriage have called our offices, accusing us of bias toward the gay community. Nothing could be further from the truth as we have painstakingly covered the issue right down the middle.

Their passion is admirable but barring a successful legal challenge down the road, the bill is likely to become law before long.  For everyone thrilled with the opportunity of same-sex couples to marry, there are those bitterly disappointed.

The courts will probably be the next step in this debate so it is not ending anytime soon. But eventually, gay marriage will prevail as it has in 15 other states.

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