Hawaii Health Connector still with Issues

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - As a self-employed commercial real estate agent, Ted Miller was eager to sign up for health insurance via the Hawaii Health Connector.

"I need the health insurance, every day is a bit of a gamble without it" he said. "I thought October first would be a good time to sign up".

It wasn't. The Connector, along with other state exchanges and the federal website, experienced multiple issues that kept much of the site offline for over a week.

Still, Miller was undeterred. He wound up calling the hotline.

"They said the system is just not working but I can do this for you on my side, and basically hand fill out an application and push it forward, and you should get something next week".

That was over a week ago. He still hasn't gotten anything.

Miller is going to keep trying however.

"In fact I want to sign up for the earliest possible moment, I'm happy to pay for it" he said.

Miller is probably like many people, who want to sign up, but can't.

"One person I spoke to in their tech support told me I was probably the person who had got the farthest along in the system in Hawaii" he said.

Hawaii News Now reached out to the Hawaii Health Connector to find out how many people have successfully signed up for health insurance, and they refused to answer.

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