Local Connection: Don't quit on Coach Chow

By: Rick Blangiardi

It doesn't take much courage to pile on a team or a coach when the going gets tough.

Make no mistake, the Rainbow Warrior football team has gone through very tough times this season.  The man at the top, Norm Chow, has been under increasing and relentless pressure to win from a restless and frustrated fan base.

Coach Chow's recent comments regarding getting too old to coach the game were overblown and wrongfully interpreted by the media.  No doubt a tough lesson learned by an otherwise sassy and experienced coach.

Clearly, Norm Chow's record is certainly not what he, or Hawaii's fan base, expected when he signed up to be our head football coach.  However, Norm Chow is no quitter - those who know him and especially his players and fellow coaches, here and elsewhere, know that perfectly well.

He is only in the second year of his five-year contract - he and his staff have only had the benefit of one full recruiting season.  As a matter of practicality -- his quitting or even being fired simply isn't going to happen - and it shouldn't!

I have known Coach Chow for many years and I also know there's no better work ethic in coaching at any level of the game.

His coaching pedigree and the respect he has earned from thousands of former players over his distinguished coaching career is the stuff that inspires young coaches everywhere.]

Norm Chow is no quitter and we should not quit on him - or the team for that matter!

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