Committee investigates Kauai bingabing trees

Image source: Kauai Invasive Species Committee
Image source: Kauai Invasive Species Committee

LIHUE, Hawaii (AP) - An invasive species established on Oahu and Hawaii islands is making an unwanted appearance on Kauai.

The Kauai Invasive Species Committee says more than a dozen bingabing trees are growing on property parcels near the mouth of the Hanalei River.

The Garden Island reports bingabing are native to the Philippines. The trees feature umbrella-size leaves. The trees grow to 30 feet high and choke out other vegetation.

Invasive species project manager Keren Gundersen says several trees are mature, which indicates they've been on Kauai for a while.

The committee is attempting to find out whether they're spreading or so established they would not be worth targeting.

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