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Man convicted of 15 counts of animal abuse, threatens news crew


Montgomery County Animal Control is calling the living conditions of 15 pit bulls at a Clarksville home a clear case of abuse. 

Michael Robinson, the man who owns the dogs, has been convicted of 15 counts of animal cruelty. Robinson has yet to give up the animals and even threatened to shoot our news crew.

Animal control officials said Robinson's Marla Circle home has been under investigation for the past year.

"They had the minimum amount of food, the minimum amount of water and the minimum amount of shelter," said Tim Clifton, director of Montgomery County Animal Control. "From what I could tell, it was very poor conditions."

Robinson's neighbors told Channel 4 they've long noticed the poor condition of the dogs and the animals bark all day and night. While speaking to those neighbors, Robinson and his wife began threatening one of our crew members standing across the street.

"Man, if you don't leave, I swear to God, I'm going to shoot at you," said Robinson.

Off-camera, Robinson told our crew member several more times to stand still so he could shoot him. Robinson did not bring a gun outside.

"Pit bulls get a bad reputation," said Clifton. "Unfortunately, unscrupulous people do unscrupulous things to animals, and they breed to them to fight and be mean and everything else."

The animals were still at Robinson's home Tuesday, with the court giving him time to turn the dogs over to animal control. Clifton said Robinson has not been cooperative, and if he doesn't turn over the pit bulls soon, police will be there to assist in bringing the dogs to animal control.

"We're looking forward to getting these animals back in here and getting them in some kind of health and try to get them adopted out to some homes," said Clifton.

Before making threats, Robinson's wife told Channel 4 the dogs are in fine condition and their problems are the result of one neighbor complaining.

Animal control told a very different story. Clifton said several of the dogs, including two very aggressive animals chained where they could be seen from the street, will be too vicious to be adopted out.

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