Local Connection: Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Local Connection: Same-Sex Marriage Bill

By: Rick Blangiardi

The gay marriage issue is at the forefront this week and our coverage will be dominated by this issue as the state legislature takes up a special session to consider whether gay couples can marry.

Naturally, there are strong emotions on both sides of the issue and drafts of the bill we have seen present gay marriage as an issue of equal rights. 

Opponents would like to continue to reserve marriage for one man and one woman and have called for a vote on the matter via constitutional amendment. At this moment, it does not look like a vote will be occurring although anything can happen.

We cannot predict everything we might see this week as the battle lines are drawn. Already we have seen the full force of rallies, protests and TV ads with each side stating their positions. Thankfully, we live in Hawaii where the expectation is always that we respect each other's views.

Whether Hawaii is the next state, after New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio and Oregon, to approve this measure remains to be seen.

But we can serve as a model for the rest of the country that shows them that no matter happens, life will go on and that we all still need each other to thrive and be successful.

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