Local Connection: Fourth Season of Hawaii Five-0

By: Rick Blangiardi

Hawaii Five-0 has returned for its fourth season and we are hopeful that it will continue for many more.

Sure we're biased since it airs on our station but Hawaii Five-0 is a big deal for this state.

The viewership is astronomical. The photography is beautiful. The actors have blended well and given back to our community.

What more could we ask for? Despite the show being moved to Friday nights, it will continue to be very popular with exciting story lines and plenty of action. Many Hawaii viewers and ex-patriates love to look for their favorite local.

Hawaii 5-0 is important for our economy, for tourism and for all the future projects that might seek to locate here for shooting given what 5-0 has accomplished.

Here's to another successful season and deeply-felt mahalo to all those who have helped make the show a great piece of entertainment that we can all be proud of.