This Morning on Sunrise (11/04/2013)

Happy Aloha Monday!

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Weather Forecast:

Winds are calm as we start our Monday and the new work week, but they are forecast to be 10-20mph trade winds by mid-morning.

The brief showers riding in on those light trades will clear out for blue sky and sunshine a little later. High today in Honolulu will be 86 degrees. North shore waves forecast to be 5-7 feet. East and west shores 3-5 feet. South side surf 2-3 feet.

Top Stories:

The same sex marriage debate continues today. Ramsay Wharton will be live at the Capitol as hundreds more are scheduled to testify.

The suspect in the LAX shooting incident is still in the hospital. What did police get out of him while questioning him?

An NFL player who allegedly bullied one of his teammates has been suspended. Find out who, and what happened to the player who was bullied.

And what are we to make of Coach Norm Chow's comments that he is "too old for this?" We'll ask Bobby Curran coming up.

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