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Woman feels backlash after posting pic of controversial costume

Lynch's costume -- truly outrageous or just tacky? Lynch's costume -- truly outrageous or just tacky?

Halloween has come and gone, but a Michigan woman's choice for a costume is making headlines.

Alicia Lynch, 22, tweeted a picture at work showing her dressed as a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings. Lynch is wearing a Saginaw Valley State University race shirt with fake bloody wounds on her head and legs.

The photo was posted on the website Buzzfeed.com, since then, it has triggered angry comments from hundreds of thousands online.

Since it was posted, Twitter users have been outraged. Lynch says she and her family members have been receiving death threats as a result of the post.

Twitter responded by suspending her account. Lynch was also fired from her job, which sources tell TV5 was at Morley Co. Inc.

Lynch has since apologized for the picture and for the controversial costume. TV5's Jason Fielder tweeted Monday that a source of his at Saginaw Valley State University stated that despite the SVSU shirt Lynch is wearing as a part of the costume, she is not currently enrolled as a student at the school.

Since TV5 first reported the story our Facebook page has exploded with comments. We've posted a few below:

The girl who dressed up like a Boston marathon victim had a right to do so. Not only was it freedom of speech she might have used her expression through costume to recognize a loved one who was injured in Boston. It was not right for her to lose her job over it. Its a lot like wearing a t shirt remembering those fallen on 9-11.

Dani Lyn Allison

So her costume was insensitive and in bad taste but that makes it ok for everyone to bully her and her employer to fire her? One bad decision ruins her whole life? She's a young girl it was stupid tell her that and move on yes it was rude but this is bullying to the extreme!

David Anthony Buitron Estrada

The young lady made a poor choice by posting it with that hash tag but I think too many people are overly political correct. Freedom of speech still applies in this country, right?

Darrell L. Reeves

I can't imagine losing her job being justified. The custom was in poor taste. I don't know why anyone thinks it's cool to dress as a victim of anything. Her poor taste does not justify the reaction. People threatening her with death? Grow up people!!!!!! Losing her job? The reaction is worse than the costume.

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