Outrigger canoe vandalized in Waikiki

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It more trick than treat that greeted a Waikiki surf school this past Halloween.

Vandals spray painted and inked graffiti on the Faith Surf Schools' outrigger surf canoe last week.

"When we opened up the next morning, we discovered that the entire side that was facing us was covered with graffiti. It was both paint as well as permanent ink marker," said Clark Kormier, school's general manager.

"The vandalism itself is hurtful and something that is as culturally significant as an outrigger canoe, it's just kind of heartbreaking to see that happen."

The school was not the only victim of the Halloween tagging. A wall owned by the nearby Outrigger Waikiki hotel also was spray painted.

Kormier said workers were able to clean much of the tagging but said that the canoe still needs to be repainted. The cost: About $1,500.

But that doesn't include the lost business day when the company was forced to shutdown its canoe tours so that it could repair the canoe.

Kormier said the school has filed a police report and hopes investigators will be able to identify who did it, based on the unique tag.

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