Maunawili Elementary "mascot" missing

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kiwi, the unofficial mascot at Maunawili Elementary School in Kailua, has gone missing. The eclectus parrot is a frequent visitor to the office and often seen on the shoulder of the School Administrative Services Assistant. Employees say the bird is a beloved part of the school's ohana and is a conversation starter for students and visitors to the school.

Kiwi was last seen this morning flying in the Kumuhao area of Waimanalo. The bird was on his owner's shoulder going for a walk when a neighbor's dog spooked him and he flew off.

He is a family pet and is hand fed and cannot survive in the wild.

Anyone with information of his whereabouts is asked to call 808-381-7546 or 808-954-1669.

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