This Morning on Sunrise (10/29/2013)

New World Record Wave?
New World Record Wave?
Courtesy: Ferdinand Buquing
Courtesy: Ferdinand Buquing

Aloha and Good Morning!

Here's a look at your weather forecast for today:

The weather should be a lot more comfortable today as trade winds are back! A little light, but they're back. It will also feel less humid and voggy. Ben Gutierrez is in for Dan and has your full forecast.

Steve Uyehara and Grace Lee have all of your top news stories:

Happening today, the bill that would legalize same sex marriage in Hawaii will go for a second reading on the Senate floor. It was advanced late last night after 12 hours of testimony. We'll have details throughout the morning.

The Vans HIC Pro surf tournament is a go this morning. The high surf advisory was cancelled for Hawaii around 4 a.m., but the conditions should be good enough for competition.

We may have a new record for the biggest wave ever surfed. Find out who rode the massive wave in Portugal and how he rescued a fellow surfer from dangerous conditions.

Happy 5th birthday to Sunny! I don't think she realizes it's her special day, but we'll give her some extra love on the set of Sunrise.

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