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Small plane hits McMinnville house, local pilot killed


A small plane crashed into a McMinnville home Monday afternoon, killing the pilot.

The crash happened on Northwest 22nd Street near Elm Street in McMinnville.

McMinnville police said the pilot, identified as Charles Yochelson, 56, of Sheridan, was killed in the crash. Nobody else was on board the plane.

FAA spokesman Allen Kenitzer said the small plane, a Lancair, slammed into a home at 1:25 p.m.

"I saw the plane about the last 400 to 500 feet," said neighbor Dustin Lynch. 

"It was coming in at steep steep angle, like it was either pulling out of a bank,  or a flip, and it just got super loud kinda like the whoosh before an explosion, and then it went right into the house."

A woman was in the home at the time, according to police, but she was not hurt. The plane hit the home's attached garage.

"The young lady was crying a little bit, and I don't blame her a bit for that," said neighbor Bob Schaefer.

The force from the crash was so powerful, it shot pieces of the plane across the street.  One woman said she was in her front yard, and narrowly escaped the plane's wing. 

"If the fence hadn't been there, I would have been hit," said witness Lorraine Brown. 

"I was standing right in the line of it, and that's what freaked me out, I couldn't see exactly what it was, but I saw it come toward me, hit the fence and then it shot across the street." 

Investigators said there are no reports of any other injuries connected to the crash.

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Police said they are interviewing witnesses to try and confirm what happened prior to the crash.

Schaefer said he heard the plane overhead as he was standing outside with a man doing roof repair work on his house.

"Next thing I know, there was a loud crash. Boom," he said.

Schaefer said the roofer ran over to the home, found the pilot and checked for his pulse, but he was unable to find one.

The FAA and the NTSB are investigating.

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