Cases of liver damage from diet pill spike on mainland

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now investigating 17 cases of liver failure or injury on the mainland that are possibly associated with the use of a popular diet supplement.

Up until this week, only Hawaii was seeing the spike in patients. 41 cases in the Aloha State, including the death of a Maui woman, have already been reported, with two people in Hawaii also requiring liver transplants.

Weeks ago, the CDC saw just a few potential cases. Now, they say they're at 17, with 7 of those already having been confirmed.

Almost all of the patients took the diet supplement OxyElite Pro, which has since been banned from Hawaii store shelves. The maker, USPlabs, also pulled distribution of the product. But no one knows what ingredient could be responsible. The only common factor, according to Health officials, the patients were healthy individuals before suddenly getting sick.

The last Hawaii patient to be hospitalized, Lance Taniguchi, was released this week. The Navy man noticed his eyes and skin turned yellow, and that's when he went to the ER.

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