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Potential downpours, but no thunderstorms today

Tuesday: Kihei, Maui - Courtesy: Karen Heifetz Tuesday: Kihei, Maui - Courtesy: Karen Heifetz
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

There is the potential of downpours this afternoon, but a more stable atmosphere means no thunderstorms expected today.

The atmosphere has firmed up a bit and the more stable conditions should prevent any thunderstorms or funnel clouds from forming today. The light winds, however could support some isolated heavy showers in mauka and leeward communities. The changes may seem subtle, but we are in a much improved position compared to yesterday.

"Yesterday was very unstable," said National Weather Service Lead Forecaster Derek Wroe. "We saw some strong thunderstorms develop, especially here on Oahu."

The threat may have caught many be surprise, as the heavy rains followed what was a beautiful morning. Wroe said it was a somewhat unique situation.

"You can have a completely crystal clear morning, and then all of a sudden the clouds develop and the rains begin quite quickly. So that has people letting their guard down in the morning when they see beautiful weather."

While dark clouds formed over Oahu, brief and isolated heavy showers were limited to the Waianae area. However, unstable conditions led to lightning and heavy rain on the Big Island. There also were flood advisories issued for parts of Maui and Lanai.

The system has also brought a daily dose of funnel clouds over Oahu since the weekend.

"There's been some funnel clouds developing around the last couple of days, and that reflects the instability that we've had in the atmosphere," said Wroe.

While the forecast calls for somewhat improved conditions today and tomorrow, computer forecast models remain unsure about the weekend weather. We could once again see the possibility of stormy weather.

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