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21 dogs found inside parked car in Waikiki

Image source: Kat Linker Image source: Kat Linker
WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Police seized 21 dogs left inside a parked car at the Ala Wai Boat Harbor. The animals are now back with their owner who had been searching for them.

A woman out for a walk with her boyfriend heard the dogs barking around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday. She walked up to the Honda Fit and was shocked to see the animals inside.

"They were in cages. Some were running around. They were barking so loudly and all the windows were up. It was completely steamed up. It was absolutely horrible and I knew there was something was seriously wrong," said Waikiki resident Kat Linker.

Linker said she called 911 and opened an unlocked door while waiting for police to arrive.

"I needed to give the dogs air. They were so suffocating in there and panting. When I opened the door, the stench that came out of that car was absolutely horrible. I felt so bad for the dogs," Linker said.

Once the driver returned to the car, the officers confiscated all the canines. Authorities opened an animal cruelty case against the 68-year-old woman, but she was not cited. Hawaii News Now has learned that she is actually the mother of a breeder. She took the dogs without permission.

"I was surprised that the police let her go. I really thought they would take her to the station. I was surprised by that, but I was at least glad that they didn't let her drive away with the dogs," said Linker.

A veterinarian from the Hawaiian Humane Society examined the dogs which are Pomeranian Poodle mix. They're all in good condition.

"People should know if they see dogs like that, please call the police. Help the dogs out. It was so obvious. There was no air in the car," Linker said.

According to authorities, the breeder was unaware of a law that prohibits more than 10 dogs per household. The animals will be split up and her adult daughter will help care for some of them. The dogs will also be microchipped and licensed. Investigators from the Hawaiian Humane Society will be checking on them.

The Honolulu Police Department declined to provide details on the ongoing investigation.

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