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Hearing held on Hawaii Health Connector

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The Hawaii Health Connector was slated to go online on October 1, and allow consumers the ability to shop for different health care plans.

That still hasn't happened.

The site, troubled by multiple issues, is not yet offering plan and price comparisons.

Wednesday, Executive Director Coral Andrews along with other health care professionals, took part in an informational briefing at the state capitol to give an update on the status of the Connector.

"The date we are working off now is the 15th of October. That doesn't mean we will be going out to the 15th—it's a very fluid situation where every hour, every day, we're getting more information about the functionality" Andrews told the panel.

State Representative Angus McKelvey, who co-chaired the session, was less than impressed.

"I'm very concerned about that still, especially when they say the website is live when it's obviously in progress" he said.

To mitigate the public's frustration, the Health Connector website will feature links to issuer's websites so users can shop health plans and rates on those other sites.

"They can provide a little more information about their rates and plans, and hopefully that will help the public feel that there is some information coming to them" Andrews said.

Andrews also addressed the Connector's decision to not notify the public before October 1 that there were problems.

"It certainly wasn't our intention to cause any concern.  We're certainly looking at every way for us to improve our communication so there's never a question about our transparency".

As for why the site is still not functional, Andrews described it as a two part problem.  First, the Connector is making sure that plan prices show up correctly based on different variables from person to person, and secondly, testing the sites functionality.

"Our intentions really are to make sure that when we stand this thing up we are giving the best consideration to the consumer" she added.

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