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Community Care Connection: Parents, Inc. Hawaii

PARENTS, Inc. Hawaii

WHO WE ARE: We are part of that village that helps to empower parents to learn parenting knowledge and skills that enables them to "know better" in raising their children in a nurturing, safe, and positive way. With 38 years of experience, we are a leading expert in the field of preventing child abuse and neglect and in strengthening families. We have been a partner agency of the Aloha United Way since 1988. Hillary Clinton commented that, "it takes a village to raise a child" and Oprah Winfrey frequently said, "People do better when they know better."

HOW WE ARE UNIQUE: Unlike most organizations that have a broad purpose with programs that target many types of problems, we are focused exclusively on helping to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect. We also work directly with parents and children providing support, education, and therapy. This has enabled us to become respected experts in our field.

OUR FOCUS & Vision: Our entire focus in on prevention of child abuse throughout the parenting cycle. "We believe every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a nurturing family..."

OUR TARGET POPULATION: We work with all parents: teens who are not yet parents; new parents; parents who have children of different ages; parents who have had a problem of child abuse or neglect to prevent further problems; and grandparents who are now finding themselves parenting again in raising their grandchildren.

WHAT WE DO: We provide an array of educational and therapy services to families. We offer parenting classes open to the general public; parenting intervention with parents referred for problems of child abuse or neglect; facilitation of visits between siblings who are in foster care; home visits and therapy to families; transportation assistance to ensure people can get to needed services; case management; crisis intervention; outreach; and skill building. We also provide professional workshops to pass on our experience and expertise; and we work collaboratively with other public and private organizations to establish policies and programs to meet the needs of Hawaii's families.

WHERE WE ARE: We provide our services throughout Oahu and in East Hawaii.

WHO WE SERVE: Last year, 3,138 parents and their children benefited from our services. 76% of those families were headed by single parents; 57% were between 20 – 34 years of age; 51% were unemployed; 68% had an annual income of less than $17,000; 78% lacked the education necessary to compete in the job market; and, while we work with all ethnicities, 42% were Hawaiian or part-Hawaiian.



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