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Shipyard workers wonder about retro pay

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard is back in business. But the 2,700 civilian workers sidelined during last week's furlough were asking questions.

"Coming back today the question still was, are we going to get paid? Will we see our paycheck this Friday?" Anastasia Kritikos asked.

The word from Washington is they will be paid under the Pay Our Military Act the president signed before the shutdown.

"The main thing is just that we're back here now. If we get it or don't, that's really out of our control;" Bryan Alexander said.

The next paychecks for furloughed employees will be smaller, minus about 28 hours they were kept from working.

Metal Trades Council president Don Bongo said it will be a hardship.

"There's members actually living paycheck to paycheck, especially with their families involved," he said. "The common reaction is why? It wasn't their fault. It wasn't their fault that the government shut down, it was Congress's fault."

Shipyard workers will eventually get their money under an Act passed by the U.S. House. It still needs a vote in the Senate and President Obama's signature. The legislation states that workers be compensated "as soon as praticable."

Kritikos said the pending debt ceiling gives civilian shipyard workers another thing to worry about.

"The question is whether or not the shutdown will continue. And if it does and October 17 rolls around, what happens then? Will we be furloughed? Or will the people who were furloughed be sent back home?" she said.

"Right now we're expecting to be paid for coming to work," Bongo said. "But if the debt ceiling issue is not resolved, now we're talking about a whole new different shutdown. "

Furloughed shipyard workers lost three and-half-days worth of work last week. Monday was the first day playing catch up on jobs that were delayed.

"The main thing is that we're here now and starting to do what we can to keep the Navy fit to fight," Alexander said.

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