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Lane Confusion, Shutdown Continues, What's Trending


Good morning,

Lane confusion, you can see it on the face of drivers on parts of the H-1. The freeway rehab project has meant more lane striping. Some drivers are complaining there are too many stripes, and they're not sure where to go. Ramsay Wharton will be live to show you what we're talking about and the effort to fix it.

It's the second week of the partial federal government shutdown. Just under 3000 civilian workers will head back to work this morning at the Pearl Harbor shipyard. We'll track the latest out of Washington D.C. Howard will tell us how it's having an effect here still. We'll also have former Republican Congressman Charles Djou in studio to discuss what's really happening on Capitol Hill.

In what's trending, in honor of Monday, I'll show you the saddest baby face ever. What set off the infant? A commercial jingle.

Hope to see you!


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