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Local contractors feeling effects of shutdown

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It's not just furloughed, government workers taking the hit of the shutdown, contractors hired to maintain government facilities are also feeling the effects.

"The guys who cut the grass," says Denny Watts of Warrior Contracting.  "The people who approve the contracts, it's the layers of the economy."

Watts says most of the large scale contracts, like construction sites, are moving forward because they were pre-approved, but contracts that are supposed to start are already seeing delays because of the furloughs.

"If you have no one around that can approve the middle processes and other things, it will just delay it," says Watts.

Some contract employees are already being told to stay home, because there isn't enough work for them.

Watts says the impact is felt more in a state like Hawaii.

"These things really manifest themselves more here than in states that don't have a military presence."

Watts expects the shutdown to last several weeks, and worries about all the people who will not be working in that time.

"Again, the layers, how many times does a dollar turn over in the economy.  Everybody will feel it as time goes by."


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