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Obama Speech, Marine Arrested, Basketball Tricks

Marilyn Potter Marilyn Potter

Good morning!

President Obama is addressing the United Nations assembly with a 3 point agenda this morning. He wants to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, continue international efforts to stop Syria from using chemical weapons and promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

On a lighter note, President Obama was caught with a hot mic talking about his efforts to quit smoking cigarettes at the UN. We'll have the sound of him joking about the reason why he was compelled to drop the habit. It has something to do with the First Lady.

Back in Hawaii, police have charged Master Sargeant Nathaniel Cosby with the murder of Ivy Harris. What evidence led authorities to make the arrest. We have new details in the investigation.

Also, Steve Uyehara will try his hand at some basketball tricks. I have a feeling it could be a big fail, but it should be fun to see him try. Kalani Ahmad who performed on "America's Got Talent" will be the teacher and demonstrator.

Dan Cooke will talk to the parrot man. Mark Bittner is the author and the subject of a documentary titled "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill". The San Francisco man is in Hawaii to talk about his second book. He sounds like quite the character. We thought Dan would be perfect for this interview since his "As the Feather Turns" series. It tracked the lives of two birds in his neighbors yard whom he named Fred and Ginger.

Hope to see you on Sunrise!


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