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iThief hits Kalama Valley homes while owners sleep

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Call him an iThief.  A cat burglar in Kalama Valley apparently has a taste for Apple products.   

Twice last week, homes on the same street were hit.  Altogether, an iPhone, 4 iPads, and 2 iMacs were stolen, all while the homeowners slept.

"The TV is still here, the Xbox is still here, they just seemed to want the Apple products," says Stephanie Naess.   Her devices were charging on the dining room table, right next to her friend's Lenovo laptop, which was not taken.

"It was like, oh, I guess they didn't want this..." says Bridget Hayden as she types on her Lenovo device.

There were four adults asleep when the burglary happened.  The window screen was slashed and the thief was so quiet, even the Golden Doodle didn't wake. 

Across the street, Andrea Moore says her iPad was taken too.  Even though the screen was cracked.  

"He searched for Apple," she says.  "Took my chargers, anything that had to do with Apple."

Moore says the thief also took her camera, but only because she left it in plain sight.

Both crimes happened between midnight and 6 Friday morning. 

Police say these crimes happen while the victims are home, because the devices go everywhere with them. 

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