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Teens pledge to not text while driving

Thousands of Oahu drivers have been cited for using their cell phones in the car this year, but 100 Farrington High students took a pledge today to never text and drive.

A sobering message from Honolulu's emergency responders gave the drivers education students a wake up call.

HPD Major Lester Kite told them, "So far this year, there have been 45 traffic fatalities and it's a shame."

"Thinking of today and all instances of texting and driving, I don't think I want to be one of those people in a crash" said Billy Dela Cruz.

Drives Ed teacher Michael Pila wants the message to stick with his students, saying "I always tell them you may have gotten way with it a thousand times, 10 million times, but all it takes is one time."

Even Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell admits he's tempted to text. "There are times when I get a text and I'm tempted. Don't succumb to the temptation. All you need is the briefest look away" warned Mayor Caldwell.

The Mayor signed the pledge with students like Aries Taverner. Her sister was busted texting behind the wheel. Aries told us, "She got a citation for texting on the phone and I learned from her."

Major Lester Kite told the students, "In the first 7 months of this year, HPD has issued 8114 citations for using electronic devices while driving. This is serious guys."

Honolulu Fire Chief Manuel Neves stressed you don't want to see HFD on the road because they respond to horrific crashes. He recalled some unforgettable tragedies. "Those intersections still have flowers there" said Chief Neves. "That means 15-20 years, families have been carrying that burden of sadness. Texting and driving is dangerous. I'm going to make the commitment as well."

AT&T Hawaii Director of Sales Stefanie Ball agreed, "When I hear my phone beep and it's in the car, it's very tempting.

She told students about an app called AT&T Drive Mode that can prevent you from checking your cell in the car.

"I won't get notified when I get a phone call email text so I won't be distracted or tempted to answer the phone" explained Ball.

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