Real Estate of Mind - Building from the Ground Up

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If your search for the perfect home has been unsuccessful, you may want to consider building from the ground up. Kathy Grindle, a Realtor from Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties dropped by Sunrise with some tips on getting started. Check out the video of her interview and read her notes below.

Is it still possible to build the house of your dreams in Hawaii from the ground up? 

Yes, you can still build the house of your dreams here in Hawaii from the ground up.  A few different ways to do that is to find a property that you can teardown  or a vacant lot.  You may not think so, but there are still parcels of land that are zoned residential that you can build on right here on Oahu.

What are the benefits of a tear down vs. a vacant lot 

Each has their benefits and own level of expense.  In the case of a tear down obviously you have the costs of leveling  the existing structure. In either case, the benefit of building from the ground up is you create something that is tailored to your specifications with all the latest and greatest building techniques.

What should I look for in vacant land.

When shopping for a building site some of the things to keep in mind are: Location, views, affordability – will the costs of purchasing the land plus construction costs make sense for the particular neighborhood you, access, zoning – is it properly zoned for your needs.  Slope – the steeper the slope the more costs you could incur. How much usable space it has for yard, pool, style of the house you are thinking of building.  Does it need infrastructure – access to sewers, water.

Once you find a lot what are the next steps. 

Once you identify a parcel of land that's suitable for your needs you want to think about land survey, permits, flood insurance, and here in Hawaii you should also consider archeology, historical and shoreline surveys.  Some of this may take time so you need to make sure you allow yourself the time it takes and carrying costs for the process.

You have FOUR vacant lots that are already to go off of Kaneohe Bay Drive 

Yes and what's good about these lots is a developer has already done most of the prep work for you.

Click here for more information about those vacant lots located at 44-295 Kaneohe Bay Drive Kaneohe, HI 96744