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"Flipped dog" reunited with owner

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It's a homecoming almost two months in the making. Over the summer we brought you the story about rising concerns over dog flipping. It's when a pet is stolen and sold to make a quick buck. Tonight the featured dog in that story is back home with his owner.

"So happy to be home my baby," said Alexandra, Leo's owner, as she held her dog.

Leo and his owner are getting reacquainted. They were reunited yesterday after nearly two months apart.

"I got the message and I just started screaming and said oh my God my dog is back! I found my dog!" said Alexandra.

Alexandra and a friend went swimming at Waimea Beach. They securely tied Leo to their bags. When they came back Leo was gone.

"I never thought I would find him. Two months had passed by so I thought for sure he was gone," said Alexandra.

Then she got a text from a stranger saying he had her dog. He sent a picture and she knew it was Leo.

"He told me he was walking down Waikiki one day and he and his girlfriend had been wanting a dog so they saw this sign that said puppies for sale and they called the guy and met up with him and bought Leo," said Alexandra.

The man who only identified himself as John said he bought Leo and another dog from the guy in Waikiki for $450. Alexandra paid him the $200 he said he spent on Leo. John says he got Alexandra's name and number from a flyer at a pet store in Waikiki.

"For him to say he went to a pet store in town and saw my flier just was weird because I didn't put any fliers up in town," said Alexandra.

Alexandra isn't sure but she has a feeling the guy may have been the one who stole Leo. She is certain there is a dog flipping ring on Oahu.

"In the two months that Leo was gone I got several phone calls from people who either had their dog stolen or had to go buy their dog back," said Alexandra.

She's just thrilled to have Leo home who is by her side at all times.

"He goes with me everywhere. He's even with me today at work at San Lorenzo. All the San Lorenzo girls were so happy to see him, they said oh my God its Leo," said Alexandra.

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