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Kilauea ocean flow stops, slowing lava tourism industry

Source: Ashleigh Renaud Lasky / Source: Ashleigh Renaud Lasky /

Madame Pele's spectacular ocean show from Kilauea volcano is on hold indefinitely. Around August 20, lava from the Pu'u o'o vent stopped flowing into the ocean, ending a nine-month long run. Then last week, lava also stopped flowing along the coastal plain, a place where tourists could hike to see the lava.

This means a big slowdown for tour companies like Lava Ocean Tours. Boat tours that once sailed twice a day are now down to once every other day, and hikes to see the lava are also canceled.

"That's how the lava flows. You can't get sad or happy. It is nice when it comes for as long as it did," said Shane Turpin of Lava Ocean Tours. "It does affect us, but realistically the show goes on."

This past May also marked the end of the "Peace Day" flow, which first erupted September 21, 2011. In the months that followed, lava marched through the abandoned Royal Gardens Subdivision, eventually destroying the home of Jack Thompson, the last person living there.

The only active flows now are not in accessible areas, but visitors can still see the lava's glow at night from the ocean or from the Jaggar Museum at the Volcanoes National Park.

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