Syria Update ... Marriage Equality Session ... Kendra Wilkinson

Good morning, Sunrisers!

Syria has agreed to allow international control over its chemical weapons cache according to the Reuters News Agency. Accepting the Russian proposal is a big step for the country. President Obama has said Syria could avoid a U.S. military strike if they agreed to that proposal. Howard will have details on this developing story.

Same sex marriage is dominating the political scene in Hawaii since Governor Abercrombie called a special session of the legislature. We have representatives on both sides of the issue coming in live on Sunrise to talk about how this could affect us.

Kendra Wilkinson, a former Playboy Playmate is about to embark on her 2nd season of her reality show "Kendra on Top". This year, she is facing some serious marital and health problems. She'll talk to us live via satellite.

Hope to see you there.